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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Professional Investor is all about?

Hello my investor friends,
              This is my first ever post on this blog and I am sure you will have a question in mind what is it about? Well it is about managing personal finance. What is personal finance? It is basically managing your hard earned money to fulfill your financial goals such as retirement, buying a new house, children's education / marriage, a foreign trip, etc.
             To achieve that you need an effective planning of your finances so that every penny that you earn is put to use for achieving your goals. For that you may need to monitor your savings, curb your spending and see to it that all the savings are wisely invested in various investment avenues ( such as Mutual funds, bonds, various post office schemes, etc).
             For that often many people follow various websites or watching relevant television programmes; many approach to various individual financial adviser (Mutual fund agents, Insurance agent ,etc.) or a certified financial planner who is specialized in providing an effective and particular financial plan for an individual based on his/her age, risk appetite and needs.
So this is about the personal finance. Keep tracking for my further posts.

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